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The notion of collecting predates the sixteenth century, where an exhibition of curiosities, objects, artefacts and specimens were housed in a compartmentalised piece of furniture, a wunderkammer. During the Renaissance, this cabinet of curiosities was a display of power and influence of the wealthy, and used for research and pedagogical purposes serving as microcosmic thumbnails of available knowledge from around the world.

The strength of the wunderkammer’s capacity to satisfy curiosity eventually led to the growth of larger collections and eventually the development of museums and galleries as we know them today. And this reminds us of the age-old saying that there is strength in numbers. Rather than looking at one curiosity, a broader image of the world and ideas can be more complexly illustrated through the combined presence of curated objects in a collection.

And so, it is with this attitude that we approach doe and doe as a culmination of ideas in a creative universe that speak stronger as a collective than as individuals; a collection of people with skills encompassing design thinking with motion, sound, graphics and experiential design, with the increased understanding of all things creative. We are small enough to be sensitive and nimble to changes as they come. Through this, we hope to inspire and challenge each other’s individual skill sets in hopes of creating our own wunderkammer of creative pursuits.

This blog will be a virtual collection of our joint interests, experiences, processes and potential, for future recollection in works to come. An encyclopaedic ambition of our joint knowledge and a public display of the ability for thought and analysis beyond a common skills focussed studio.

"A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination." - Nelson Mandela

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