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Woven Moments at Wynscreen, Wynyard Walk, Sydney

Wynscreen, Wynyard Walk, Sydney

Wynscreen, Wynyard Walk, Sydney

In an increasingly digitally savvy world, the debate of digital technologies within cities and public spaces has only just begun. Beyond the immediate convenience digital technology offers us, expectations of how it should perform and enhance our experiences are growing.

What does that mean for the cities we live and work in? Should our environment attract, inspire and engage us? In the case of urban public spaces, who should the onus for an elevated experience be on?

Whilst we are extremely blessed to be in a city with benchmark setting multisensory experiences, it has been an absolutely thrilling journey, creating work for Transport for NSW. With over 30,000 passersby everyday, Wynscreen, a 23 metre curved LED screen in Wynyard Station, is dedicated as one of Sydney’s first public digital art sites. We were commissioned to create Woven Moments, an abstract animated work created entirely out of painted and drawn elements.

Bringing analog and traditional methods into a modern context, the expansive LED screen is turned into a moving painting, challenging screen boundaries to become part of a spatial environment. Expressionistic textural landscapes, punctuated by visceral forms and particles, seek to engage viewers through biophilia: our innate tendency to seek connections with nature. Staying true to our passion, we have explored the connections between art, design and science, seeking to create a space where beauty, psychological wellness, and movement flow efficiency can coexist in harmony. Woven Moments is inspired by quantum physics theory, visually represented in wave and particle forms, and endeavours to trigger an automated ’relaxation response’ against a frenetic city scape.

Screening throughout February 2017, odd numbered days from 3pm till late, even numbered days from morning till 3pm.
Conceptual statement and credits:


“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom the emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapped in awe, is as good as dead” — Albert Einstein, Living Philosophies


Architect - Woods Bagot 
Builders - CPB Contractors 
Digital Fabrication - AR-MA
Curatorial Team - Cultural Capital