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Cafe Sydney

Working together with Ramus Illumination, we developed this piece of work for a 7-panel lo-fi LED screen that exists in the lounge area of Cafe Sydney. It is a 12 minute piece that is part of a series of work that looks at bringing the elements of the outside in.

Cafe Sydney at Customs House looks out to a spectacular view of the iconic Sydney Harbour. With this piece, we wanted to capture the magical hour of when the sun sets and the city illuminates, celebrating the beauty of the harbour. 

Abstracting the view outside, the elements come together as an elegant composition of moving light. 

The birds fly by, the trees sway, the sailboats glide, the harbour bridge is drawn on the screen, the light trails of the ferries reveal themselves, the reflection of the lights from across the water shimmer, a plane flies into the distance, the sails of the Opera House is drawn on the screen, the light trails of cars in the foreground zip by horizontally.


Creative Direction - Ramus Illumination
Animation by Su-An Ng

Our Role
Animation | Concept | Art Direction | Illustration