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Centre for Blood Research

University of British Columbia, University of British Columbia

"I am involved in a committee that leads researcher initiatives to promote work done at the University of British Columbia to the community. As part of a recent project, we required the use of an animation to use in conjunction with our presentations to the public, as well as to important funding organizations. 

Even from the initial stages of the project, we were confident that we had made the right decision in choosing doe and doe to create our animation. Su-An, along with everyone in the doeanddoe team, were extremely professional and efficient in all their correspondence, despite the significant time difference that separated us. She was very receptive of our ideas and offered a lot of great advice in conceptualizing the piece. 

We received the first few drafts of the piece very quickly and were extremely impressed. She managed to capture the essence of our institute from the smallest detail, to the flow of the whole piece. Su-An was very meticulous about making the many changes and additions to the piece that we required, and always delivered in a timely manner. 

When we received the final version of the animation, we were all blown away by the amount of time and painstaking effort that doe and doe had put in to making the piece absolutely perfect. The quality of the animation and sound design was fantastic and is truly a testament to Su-An's experience and skill in her craft. We were particularly impressed by the segment that depicted 3D animation of blood cells in a vein, which was even medically accurate! 

We wholeheartedly recommend doe and doe for understanding the needs of a large professional institution, such as UBC, and for being able to deliver with a level of excellence that significantly outweighed our expectations." 

Tara Fernandez
Postdoctoral Fellow at The University of British Columbia


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