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Happy Talk, Art & About


Launched by Heidi Dokulil and Liane Rossler in 2011, Happy Talk is an initiative that brings people and ideas together through design projects, exhibitions, workshops, talks and publishing.

The Happy Talk House was held in Sandringham Gardens, Hyde Park from September 23 – October 23, 2011,  as part of Art & About Sydney.

Inspired by resourcefulness, local materials and knowledge, and our Pacific neighbours, the project included talks, workshops, artwork commissions and performances over the four week period. The house was open five days a week from 11am – 5pm with talks on every Thursday night till 9pm.

Thousands of people came to enjoy the event, and the audience included local city workers, tourists, local residents, children, students, and an extremely broad range of people. The age group ranged from 0 to over 80, with a strong mix of both men and women from different backgrounds.


Art direction - Graeme Smith, Heidi Dokulil
Design - Beatrice Chew
Images - Happy Talk

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