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RealTime 20th Anniversary Cover

Realtime 20th anniversary
sculpture, styling, photography


RealTime is Australia's critical guide to international contemporary arts. Their focus is on innovation in performance (live art, experimental theatre, dance, music, sound), photomedia, film, video, interactive media and hybrid arts. The print edition of RealTime has a run of 20,000 copies distributed bi-monthly and free to over 750 points across Australia. This cover celebrates RealTime's 20th year in circulation.

“Graeme’s brief from the editors was to create an image that celebrated the hybridity that has been the focus of RealTime’s attention over two decades. What he and his collaborators came up with was the miraculous transformation of copies of the magazine into another form—hand-crafted, intricately woven paper masks which become the faces of the editors who are at once themselves and an enduring publication.”

— Keith and Virginia. Managing Editors, RealTime

Cover Story:


Creative direction - Graeme Smith
Sculpture and Styling - Beatrice Chew
Photography - Su-An Ng
Produced by RealTime

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Art direction | Photography | Sculpture | Styling