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Woven Moments, Wynscreen, Wynyard Walk

Woven Moments, Wynscreen, Wynyard Walk, Sydney


Duration 10 mins

August 2017 Screening times:
6am-3pm on odd-numbered days
3pm-12am on even-numbered days

February 2017 Screening times:
6am-3pm on even-numbered days
3pm-12am on odd-numbered days

Woven Moments is an abstract expressionistic animation reflecting on our interconnectedness to each other, the land we live on and the space we exist in. This work meditates on moments in time, flowing across multiple dimensions. It is inspired by the quantum physics theory that everything in the universe exists simultaneously in particle and wave states.

Blending traditional and new media, the tactile quality of Woven Moments brings an immersive sense of warmth to the surrounding space. This engagement of viewers through nature’s movements enlivens biophilia: our innate tendency to seek connections with nature.

Moments of calm, punctuated by glimpses of atmospheric spectacle, will surprise and engage the viewer as vivid, textural elements fill the screen. Intricate particles are drawn onto painterly landscapes, creating a cinematic symphony of colour. These intricate visceral forms grow and evolve, accelerate then soften into subtle lingering forms, evoking the feeling of fleeting, ephemeral memory. Known as Heraclitean motion, it is these movements which mimic those found in nature that are associated with safety and tranquility, triggering an automated ‘relaxation response’ in viewers.

Wynscreen, Wynyard Walk, Sydney

Wynscreen, Wynyard Walk, Sydney

As this work challenges screen boundaries to become part of a spatial environment, passersby are immersed, integrated and encouraged to connect with a digital public space: a combination of suspending, compressing and stretching resonates with the interwoven nature of space and time.

Merging the known with the unknown, this work gracefully runs parallel to the architectural theme inspired by the landscape and geology of the Sydney region. Through the journey and motion of Woven Moments, it is our aim to help restore balance and a sense of calm in the tense and frenetic environment of a commuter pathway in the central business district. In this simulation of the layered complexity of ecosystems, our sensory systems are engaged to explore, encouraging curiosity through visual fascination.

Directed and Animated by Su-An Ng
Produced by Beatrice Chew
Original music by Claudine Michael
Animation assistants - Beatrice Chew, Claudine Michael, William Nghiem
In collaboration with artist Michele Morcos
Commissioned by Transport for NSW

Architect - Woods Bagot
Builder - CPB Contractors (Theiss)
Digital fabrication - AR-MA
Curatorial Team - Cultural Capital
Curatorial Director - Alessio Cavallaro
Technical Director - Hai Tran
Project Manager - Amanda Jelicich-Kane

About Wynscreen
Transport for NSW has created a unique opportunity for media art to light up a public meeting place in the most compelling way. Some of Australia’s most captivating moving image art will be showcased on this distinctively-shaped screen located on the mezzanine level of Wynyard Station’s Clarence Street entrance.

Wynscreen facts
Over 20 metres wide and three metres high
On show for over 30,000 passersby every day

Purpose-designed and dedicated as a public art site, Wynscreen will explore themes of time, travel and place through our Indigenous history, multicultural personality, and creative imaginations. It engages with the ways our past has shaped who we are, where we are and what we may become. 

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Wynscreen, Wynyard Walk, Sydney

Wynscreen, Wynyard Walk, Sydney

Wynscreen, Wynyard Walk, Sydney

Wynscreen, Wynyard Walk, Sydney